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How do you price your projects?

Fixed-price and bespoke SaSS are the two styles we sell. Our standard offering used to be fixed-price, so it offered our customers peace of mind on how much money they wanted to set aside. When the requirements are clearly specified from the start, this model works extremely well.

How do you keep my data secure?

With the implementation of GDPR regulations, we are more focused than ever on data privacy and security, which we take very seriously.

To learn more about how your data is safely stored, maintained, and deleted when appropriate, please read our entire Data Security Policy.

What technologies do you work with?

We use the Microsoft stack, which includes Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and ASP.NET WebForms, Core and Blazor.

Each technology has a specific use-case and implementation cost, so by working with a wide range of technologies we can optimise the solution for your budget and timescale.

We don't have a brief yet, can you help us?

Without a doubt. Our experts are not only programmers, but they are also skilled at analyzing business processes and finding places where technology can be used effectively.

They will work with you to help build your specification once this review is complete, which you can then take to other software developers if you wish.

Can we host web applications internally?

Of course. By default, we offer to host your web application on our Azure platform, however we are more than happy to provide you or your IT provider with the published application files and database, in order for you to host internally on a compatible platform.

We are happy to assist you and your team to perform this migration, if required, at our usual consultancy rate.